Lynn Joffe

Lynn Joffe's debut novel, the Gospel According to Wanda B. Lazarus, will be published in October, 2020.

A furiously funny, feminist take on the myth of the Wandering Jew. Wanda B. Lazarus freewheels through the ages relating her musically-charged, irreverent tales in her quest to become the tenth muse.

“The Gospel According to Wanda B Lazarus is a unique and significant contribution to South African letters, contemporary Jewish literature and feminist comedic writing … a superb comic novel."
Prof Neville Hoad, University of Texas at Austin

In the beginning...

If we hadn’t been following Hadassah’s pomegranate all over the known world, we’d never have wound up in Bethany. Lazzie would still be alive. And I’d be mortal. But that’s not how the hamantaschen crumbled. A painted lady flaps her wings and all that jazz. The disciples remember it differently, but they were always going to write their own version anyway. I was there. I saw it all. Not in my present incarnation, but who am I to split sheitel hairs?

As Featured In The Wits Review

I am so proud to have been featured in the Wits Review 2020

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The Gospel According to Wanda B. Lazarus  published in October, 2020. Order your copy now at (SA orders only). Available on Amazon for international orders in October.
Wanda can't wait!


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