There’s so much to say about The Gospel According to Wanda B Lazarus that we’re going to post a Wandaful video clip every Wednesday. We call it #WandaWednesday. Click below to watch. And look out for a new clip every week.

Watch Lynn Joffe read an extract from her debut novel, The Gospel According to Wanda B. Lazarus. 

Hear more about the creation of the Gospel According to Wanda B Lazarus as Lynn Joffe chats to Helen Holyoake at Bridge Books.

Find out how Wanda got her name and the back story of how she was rear-engineered into history. And why there’s so much sex in the book.

Lynn Joffe speaks to Helen Holyoake about publishing her debut novel in the Time of Covid

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Watch Lynn Joffe chatting to Helen Holyoake about the KBF on Saturday May 29 and her SundayTimes/CNA Literary Award nomination.